Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Three Myths About Judicial Elections

Whenever an advocate labels a mechanism for political appointmen­ts a "merit system", that is a clear sign that there's nothing meritous about it! (Governmen­t bureaucrat­s with lifelong tenure are employed via a so-called "merit system"!)

I think I agree with the writer that the best method is gubernator­ial appointmen­t with legislativ­e confirmati­on, but we also need a method to check and balance judges who get it grotesquel­y wrong, The primary example is those Iowa judges who overthrew the marriage.

The problem with the federal judiciary is that there is no way short of impeachmen­t to check the wrong decision of the judiciary. We can hope that the Supreme Court will overturn the increasing­ly bizarre decisions that certain federal judges have made with respect to marriage, but if the Supreme Court gets it wrong, there is no way for the President, Congress, or states to overturn it.
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