Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sarah Palin's Video on Arizona Shootings

ABC News has it here.  She shouldn't have had to make any statement.  But what else could she do?  Of course the liberal media have instigated a "blood libel."  In yesterday's Wall Street Journal James Taranto wrote that the New York Times had "crossed a moral line."

First, the media accused Palin and other conservatives of instigating the attack.  Then they accused her of "hiding" behind Twitter and Facebook after it happened.  Now that she's made a clear and convincing comment on video, they accuse her of abusing the term "blood libel."  Let's face it, there's nothing she can do to sway the government-media complex.

I am not a supporter of Palin for president - she's not remotely qualified.  Nevetheless, this verges on a presidential address.

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