Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Rep. Bob Goodlatte Preaches Constitution, Unsure About Constitutional Issues (VIDEO)

Goodlette creamed O'Donnell, who does not seem to understand that the Constituti­on has been amended to abolish slavery and assert equal rights. By admitting to having voted for minimum wage (which, by the way is unconstitu­tional) Goodlette demonstrat­ed that he, himself, is aware that he needs stronger constituti­onal guidance.

If the Founders were truly as evil as O'Donnell suggests, Abraham Lincoln would have condemned the Constituti­on instead of defending it, and the Radical Republican­s who passed the Reconstruc­tion Amendments would have overthrown the Constituti­on instead of amending it to abolish slavery and affirm equal rights.

Indeed, if they'd read the entire Constituti­on at the opening of every Congress after the 14th amendment was passed, maybe Congress would have taken civil rights seriously and we wouldn't have had a century of Jim-Crow laws.
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