Thursday, January 27, 2011

Marin Obot Supports Obama Because He's Muslim

Nordicus was having a drink at a favorite Marin County after-work watering-hole.  I chatted with a woman who asked me if I'd listened to the State of the Union speech.  "No," I replied, I don't waste my time listening to politicians' speeches."

She was pretty shocked, and told me how important it is that we all support our first Black president.  (They hate it when you refer to him as a "politician": He's so above all that.)  However, she added (unnecessarily) that he is also our "first Muslim president."  "What?," I replied,"He says he's a Christian.  It's only right-wing, Tea-partying, nutbars who accuse him of being Muslim, isn't it?"

"Whatever," she said, "What's great is that you can be a Muslim president but not really be a Muslim."

I'm not sure what that last line means, but the fact is that for some Obots, President Obama's (potentially) being a Muslim is not a threat, but an opportunity for America to take another step on the path of national redemption.

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