Monday, November 1, 2010

Yes on Prop 19

A recent report published by the Cato Institute estimates that ending the war on drugs would save $41.3 billion annually.

Prop 19 is an initiative on tomorrow's ballot in California that would make it ok for an adult (21-years old) to grow or posses marijuana for personal use, and allows a sales tax (to be determined locally).  Nordicus does not care if the state and local governments earn more revenue, but I understand how ridiculous it is to prohibit personal use of marijuana.  (Nordicus does not smoke it.  Nor do I allow it in my home.)

The California Republican Party has blown it by recommending "No" on Prop 19.  I think they're scared that all the pot-smoking Obots will come vote for it and hurt the party's candidates' electoral chances.  That's nonsense: If the GOP had embraced Prop 19, it might have pulled some Obots onto the Republican side.  The establishment is also upset that George Soros has funded Prop 19.

The excuse that I've heard from a few Republican activists is that Prop 19 would allow an employee to show up stoned that that there's nothing the boss could do about it.  That's nonsense.  Look on page 94 of the Adobe Acrobat file with the entire text of tomorrow's propositions: "...Provided, however, that the existing right of an employer to address consumption that actually impairs job performance by an employee shall not be affected" [Section 11304(c)].

Under Prop 19, you can no more show up at work stoned than you can show up drunk.  Take it from Nordicus: Yes on Prop 19.

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