Monday, November 8, 2010

MSNBC's Desperate Ratings Gasp: Olbermann's 2-Day Suspension

Keith Olberman will return to MSNBC after a two-day suspension for giving political donations to Democratic candidates.  Nordicus suspects that the "suspension" was not a disciplinary measure doled out by the MSNBC bosses because Olby had violated some laughable ethics policy.  (Did anyone doubt that he supports left-wing candidates in spirit, if not in dollars?)

Rather, I suspect that it was a desperate lunge for sympathy - and ratings.  Olby's buddy, Rachel Maddow, wasted seven minutes on her show arguing that the suspension demonstrated the difference between MSNBC and Fox News!  According to La Maddow, Hannity and other Fox News hosts have given donations to Republican candidates.  MSNBC's suspension of Olbermann shows that it is a legitimate cable news channel, while Fox News ain't.

See? Even MSNBC's suspension of Olbermann is Fox News' fault!  (Actually, conservative commentators have written almost unanimously in favor of Olbermann's reinstatement.)

We've heard this "holier than thou" jazz before and it never shook Fox News' ratings.  So,  my guess is that this 48-hour stunt was scripted in order to reinforce the ludicrous notion that MSNBC is straight up and Fox News is a racket.

Maybe I'm wrong.  Olby can prove it upon his return by announcing he has learned his lesson and now realizes that people's political donations should be kept anonymous.

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