Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kill the Lame Duck Congress!

In Britain or Canada, the new team takes over immediately after an election.  Think about it: In almost all cases there is no need to go through a complicated, bureaucratic process of "certification."  The county registrar should be able to give a thumbs up to the results pretty quickly, and unless there's a credible protest, that should be the final result.

So, with respect to the federal election, the newly elected group should have been sworn in last Monday and begun the people's business.  I realize that there are ten or so districts that remain undecided, but that is hardly a reason to stall the new Congress.

There are two reasons for this reform. First, in what other job does a person who is fired for cause get to hang around the office for two and a half months looking for another job? In this case, the Congressmen get to hang around DC until January 3 sending their resumes around to various lobbying outfits.  If they want to do that, they should do it on their own dime and time.

Secondly, the incoming freshmen are already in DC, attending various "orientations."  We've already seen an unfortunate example of  "friendly fire" when two orientations organized by the Tea Party Patriots and the Claremont Institute were unwittingly scheduled for the same time, leading to some unpleasant communications between the two.

But we don't want the freshmen "oriented" to DC.  We want DC "re-oriented" to the USA!

Having freshmen Congressmen wined and dined by lobbyists for two and a half months before they've been sworn in and put under the microscope by being forced to vote on bills and amendments is a recipe for disaster.  The first day they're in DC they should get their committee assignments and get to work!

So, Nordicus says: "Kill the lame duck Congress!"  Letting it live is the worst form of animal cruelty.

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