Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Politics on the Sausalito Waterfront

Nordicus can't figure this one out: There's a squabble in Sausalito about an old hangar for WW2 Liberty ships.  More than 90 Liberty ships were built there during the war, and the building was abandoned in 1997.  The Department of Veterans Affairs bought it and is now fighting with the city council on what to do with it.

Neither option makes sense to Nordicus.

The VA wants to turn it into a medical research center, and the council (as usual) wants the old shell of the building (which is completely unsafe) to remain. Why? It's not like they have a plan to turn it into a museum or memorial to the WW2 shipbuilding industry in Sausalito.  As usual, they just want things to stay as they are, so that no productive industry, retail, or tourism develops on the Sausalito waterfront.  No Fisherman's Wharf/Pier 33! God forbid that Sausalito should improve the waterfront and earn more sales-tax revenue!

However, I don't see the point of a medical research center either.  Don't they have one of the world's best research hospitals down at Stanford, and one of the best VA hospitals in the same neighborhood?  Can't they invest more in medical research there without having to build a whole new capital infrastructure?

Could this be a Barbara Boxer earmark?

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